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About Smartologic Technologies

Blockchain Corporate Advisory

Smartologic Technologies is combined of industry experts from varying fields, executive level managers from within the industry, and senior Blockchain developers experienced with implementing Blockchain solutions in real-life application. We offer a full range of services from Blockchain architecture and Smart Contracts coding, to token economy buildup, cyber security setup, project management, community building strategy, and more.

In addition to our technological services, we also invest through our associated crypto fund in projects that we believe can bring value to the community and high potential for value appreciation.


Played an integral part in raising over $75M for ICOs during 2017-2018

Established robust partnerships with strategic industry providers

Accompanied projects worldwide from conception & crowdsale to post-ICO


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Partnerships and Recent Projects

As a full-range service provider for integration of Blockchain technology into existing or new infrastructures, we have gained diverse experience across different industries and markets, from finance and real-estate, to esports, music, medicine and commerce.

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