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About Smartologic Technologies

Corporate advisory

Smartologic Technologies is an hand-on-approach advisory firm, providing creative solutions and innovative developments to corporates across the industry. Our team is combined of industry experts from varying fields, executive level managers and senior developers experienced with various modern technologies and methodologies.

As a leader in implementing advanced software solutions in real-life applications, we offer a wide range of services and business solutions for companies of all sizes, these services include: software architecture and development, cyber security setup, project management, dedicated BizDev strategies, and more.

Our core values, which we pride ourselves on, are our firm’s availability and personal support for our partners, clients, and friends, and our dedication to their growth and success.

Partnerships And Recent Projects

As a full-range consultancy services provider for firms operating globally, we have gained diverse experience across different industries and markets, from finance and real-estate, to esports, music, medicine and commerce.


Introduced an award-winning proptech platform

Established robust partnerships with strategic industry providers

Accompanied projects worldwide from conception to fruition

Our services and product

Utilize our knowledge, experience, contacts and dedication to our clients for the benefit of your company’s growth.

Our success and support team is always available to both guide you on how to optimally use our products so you can increase profits faster and help with any technical requirements. We are at your service to assist and answer your questions, and to show you how you can streamline your operations and gain better results.

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